Consulting Services

Nonprofits often have so much going on – and so much more they want to do – that it is easy to ignore small issues simmering throughout the organization.  Unfortunanly, those small issues don’t tend to stay small, and they become big issues that can seriously damage a nonprofit’s credibility and mission.

The list of services below are just a sample of what Philanthropy Solutions can do to elliviate problems, increase impact and effect change through your nonprofit organization.  For specific concerns, or to request an assessment, contact us at any time.  In the meantime, below are services we have found nonprofits need and benefit from most:

Embarking on a philanthropic journey is a beautiful yet complicated adventure. Not only do you want your contributions of time and money to be given to the best organization, but you want those limited resources to be used efficiently and effectively. We can help you to:

  • reflect on, and define your philanthropic strategy (what type of engagement, where, for which causes);
  • understand the core issues at stake and connect to the beneficiaries, creating strong and valuable bonds;
  • set up your own personal and appropriate philanthropic structure (e.g. Foundation, Will, Donor Advised Fund, etc.);
  • identify projects and partnerships that are close to your heart and are able to maximize your impact;
  • manage your activities from a legal and fiscal perspective (drafting of grant agreements and contracts, et cetera);
  • follow up on your activities through a sound monitoring and evaluation framework, increasing the accountability and effectiveness of your grants.


Just as for-profit businesses need professional support, so do nonprofits.  Unfortunately, while trying to keep expenses down, many nonprofits sacrifice effective planning and implementation. Therefore, once the leadership and or board become successful in communicating the importance of higher effectiveness and efficiency, it is essential the nonprofit both recognize and prioritize issues. An outside expert with experience assessing nonprofit organizations and programs can quickly provide a prioritized list of challenges, as well as make suggestions for implementing change.  Contact us if you believe your organization could benefit from an assessment, and we will not only help you achieve this goal, but will help communicate the importance to your board of directors.

As a visionary leader and nonprofit advocate, I am an active and passionate proponent of most effectively utilizing the social sector’s limited resources by developing and implementing realistic strategies that are both efficient AND effective. By leveraging the collective talent and successes of an entire community of nonprofits – through nonprofit networks and local management support organizations providing affordable professional services to nonprofits – we can ensure the nonprofit sector is increasing its reach and impact faster than at any other point in our history.


Hiring a new leader for a nonprofit organization is the single most important job of a nonprofit board.  A new leader can either propel your nonprofit to the next level, Or lead to stagnated programs or a rapid decline.  Unfortunately, most volunteer board members have little to no nonprofit experience and therefore implement a process that is better suited for a for-profit organization.   To ensure an effective process and excellent hire, contact us for information on both the best transition and process of hiring a new leader for your unique organization.

Professional Development is essential to all practitioners who wish to excel in not only timeless professional practices, but new ideas and innovation as well.   Nonprofits that prioritize development of staff and leadership will have the greatest opportunity for innovation, growth and long-term sustainability.

Sometimes a little outside coaching is needed to assist nonprofit leaders through periods of perceived and measurable change, and this coaching is often very helpful in winning the support of followers inside and out of the organization by aligning their story with strategic planning. By concentrating on uncovering each nonprofit’s authentic & unique mission narrative, and bringing it to life – we can help you gain the support and loyalty you need to succeed.

Consultants are exceptional at guiding nonprofit organizations through the development of a full or targeted strategic plan, featuring detailed policies & procedures for effective execution, modification and evaluation.  Our consultants use new and innovative ideas to constantly confront the timeworn constraints of nonprofit thinking – creating fresh and effective approaches.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT                                          We curate customized leadership and learning experiences that equip nonprofit and philanthropic leaders with the mindsets, tools and skills they need to deepen their effectiveness, build their organizations, strengthen their governance, engage their networks, and change systems.

We convene diverse stakeholders to collaboratively design solutions to complex problems with an eye toward sustainability and scale. We also design, catalyze, and support diverse networks that are needed to create systems-level change.

Who is responsible for the advancement of individual nonprofits and the sector as a whole?  No matter where you go you will  rarely (if ever) hear concern or advocacy for the improvement of philanthropic approaches.  Nonprofits just don’t believe they should pay as much attention to the practice of philanthropy as they should to the execution of programs.  The result? Programs with low effectiveness, organizations struggling to get by and a sector unwilling to prioritize its own advancement.

So where does the responsibility ultimately lie?   Every individual involved in the social sector – practitioner, volunteer, donor, leader – should support it’s advancement.  Because if we do not take responsibility for the improvement of our own sector, who will?