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Why Is Social Media Important for Nonprofits?

In answer to this basic question, there are simply millions of people frequenting social media sites multiple times each day, and the numbers continue to grow. These users include both the community we serve and our greatest supporters. We can all attest to the fact that our current world is consumed by technology and utilizing it to make life easier, and nonprofit organizations cannot ignore this continual shift. However, keep in mind that embarking on this trend is not a one size fits all strategy.

Not every nonprofit organization must utilize social media to connect with supporters – each organization is unique and will need to make their own decision based on its operations, mission, audience, clients and support base. However, if we take the time to see past the “one solution for all” mindset, as well as other subsequent hype surrounding the growing trend, we can embrace these tools as an effective and inexpensive strategy to market to the masses.

If our supporters, donors, and community leaders are using social media – and most of them certainly are – isn’t it worth knowing how and why?

Now that we know what defines social media at its core, and why it is so important for organizational growth, it is just as important to understand how to effectively create a space for healthy communication with followers. In the following post, Social Media and the Nonprofit – Advocacy in the 21st Century, we will dive into specific ways social media can be a powerful tool for advocacy.

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