The New Nonprofit Leader

The new millennium has been a difficult one. A crippled global economy, threatening climate change, crumbling education, inadequate healthcare systems and a widening income gap comprise a few of the social problems we face.

But the leaders of our nonprofit sector are already too worn down to tackle these massive issues, because they have been continuously  forced to do more and more with less and less. They have been given a seemingly endless list of tasks: develop and execute effective programs, manage a diverse and underpaid staff, chart a bold strategic direction, create a sustainable financial model, wrangle a group of board members with often competing interests, embrace rapidly changing technology, recruit additional funding streams and appease a disparate funder base.

So it is time for a new kind of nonprofit leader! One with the confidence, specific nonprofit experience, foresight, energy, innovative thinking and strength of will to lead the nonprofit sector, and our communities, forward.  Indeed it is up to the leaders of our great nonprofit sector, to face, rather than shrink from, these many challenges.

It is time we move from a nonprofit leader who is worn out, worn down, out of money and faced with insurmountable odds, to a reinvented nonprofit leader who confidently gathers and leads the army of people and resources necessary to create real social change.

So in the hopes of inspiring nonprofit leaders to claim their rightful place as true heralds of social change, I have written this blog. It is based on my many years of coaching nonprofit leaders to success. This book lays out the elements that those nonprofit leaders have learned in order to embrace their role as reinvented nonprofit leaders.

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